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Finding the best karaoke machines or set up is obviously vital if you want your parties to be great. There are many different types of karaoke machines, with varying features available in the market. While most of these sound systems are too much fun to be around, they may not be necessarily suited for your needs. Here is why we are here to help you make the right choice and become the karaoke king in your friend circle.

Karaoke machines are the second name of fun and a lot of people love to make it a part of their parties. Whether you are a college student or a grown up professional, a home karaoke machine is something that is for everyone – especially for a great karaoke night.


ION Audio Black Rocker is no less than a masterpiece when it comes to playing music out loud or doing karaoke. It produces dynamic 50 watt power sound from its wide 8 inches speaker system. A brilliant element is that with this system, the party never stops. It gives you 50 hours of quality sound on full charge of the rechargeable battery. It has the aux cable and microphones included so you can just plug it in your phone and play your collection whenever you want.

And if all of this does not convince you, its high portability would. Yes, with its wheels and telescopic handle you can take your party anywhere you like. It is obviously great value for money because in just one system you get so many features. Moreover, it has built in radio as well so if you are a person who still likes listening to radio in the morning this is going to be perfect for you.

+ Superb value
+ Great audio quality
+ Good range of features

Why We Liked It – Not only is ION Audio Block Rocker easy to use and has superb performance, it has given you all the control. With the app for Android as well as iOS, you can adjust the sounds and effects to give your party a more personal touch.

If you are looking to add funk to your party, this is the thing for you. It has 7 inches TFT color screen that makes karaoke easy and fun. All the controls are next to the screen and make adjustments pretty convenient. You can record your songs or other recordings and play them back instantly. The microphone is of high quality which is not all that common in karaoke machines.

As for sound, the 35 watts powered speaker system is likely to wake your neighbors too so you can be sure about its high audio quality. Obviously, you would not want to go to the machine every time you have to change a song or volume. There is a remote control to do just that so you can easily control it from other side of the room.

+ 7″ color screen
+ Excellent sound
+ High quality microphone

Why We Liked It – We love this one because of its colorful LED lighting system that follow the rhythm of the music. Every party needs a little lighting effects and this is just perfect for that. The bright lighting system changes the mood pretty quickly and everyone would be on the dance floor once they shine. See the Karaoke USA GF829 as an alternative.

It is seldom that you find an electronic device that is both high quality and cheap. This Karaoke System from Singing Machine is quality, fun and incredibly affordable. The possibilities are many as you have a CD player in this home system. We are often told CDs are so 90s but a lot of good music still exists in our CD collections. You can connect your phone too using Bluetooth. Although there is only one microphone included with the machine, there is another jack.

And you know what that means? Duets! It is a funky looking machine with built in speaker, easy controls and diverse play options. You can use the RCA cable to connect with the TV to read the lyrics off it. Obviously, every karaoke needs a little bit of fun so with this you have the disco light effects to brighten the room – just add some disco balls!

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+ Excellent value
+ Built in party lights
+ Built in CD player

Why We Liked It – This particular system is that it is super affordable. A lot of students and teenagers want these machines for their parties and this of course suits their budget well. It should never be too expensive to have a nice party.

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