50 Best Karaoke Songs and Sing-Alongs of All Time

The best karaoke songs ever

Dial up one of the best karaoke songs next time you feel like grabbing a mic and soaking up the spotlight.

Karaoke song selection is essential when stepping up to the mic. You’ve got to have a banger that suits your strengths, after all. If done right, the activity can be hilarious (“Love Shack”), romantic (“Let’s Stay Together”), heart-warming (“Stand by Me”), epic, joyous, sentimental and, of course, drunk. (If done wrong, well, let’s just not go there.) To help you, we’ve put together a playlist of the best karaoke songs ever, including party songs, love songs, hip-hop hits, energetic workout songs, rock anthems and duets. We guarantee you no energy slumps or boredom breaks here—just top-notch sing-yer-heart-out goodness. Hit a karaoke bar, grab the mic, knock back your drink and panic-eat a handful of popcorn in one mouthful: It’s time to take the stage, tiger.

Cantar karaoke: musica gratis

Karaokes Nuevos – New Karaoke – Novo karaokê – Nuovo Karaoke – Neues Karaoke – Nouveau karaoké – Новый караоке[:zh]新卡拉OK