Karaoke for kids

Karaoke for kids

America’s Got TalentAmerican IdolThe Voice. There’s no shortage of singing-competition shows seeking the next big star to make it big on the radio airwaves. But these dreams of superstardom have to start somewhere! What better place than within the comfort of home? Help your aspiring artists find their voice and have fun as a family with these kid-friendly karaoke machines that’ll seriously pump up the volume!

If your kid gets a kick out of belting some serious tunes, encourage the expression by joining in on the fun. Bring home the coolest gift in the world: a karaoke machine!

Here’s what to look for, in this order:

Is it age-appropriate? When finding the perfect karaoke machine for your kids, remember that there’s a lot of music out there you probably don’t want them to sing along to. (Love you, but sorry, Cardi B!) Keep this in mind when hunting around for a karaoke system, because plenty of them are compatible with kid-friendly music or feature parental controls. Don’t be scared off by Bluetooth options, either, because you can set the parental controls on the tablet to filter the fun … just a little bit.

What’s the purpose? Well, duh, singing your heart out is the main purpose, but don’t forget about the other reasons why your kid is dying for her very own karaoke machine. Does she want to be a solo act like Lady Gaga and grab the microphone stand in a dramatic expression? Or is this something your kiddo will want to use with friends at the next sleepover? What about taking the show on the road? There are quite a few different kinds of karaoke machines to choose from, so think about what the main purpose of it will be before you shop.

Is it Bluetooth-enabled? This is a great feature, especially for older kids with a more expansive taste in music. A few karaoke machines will let you stream songs via Bluetooth, which really makes the possibilities endless. We recommend using it with a tablet that already has parental controls set for your kiddo.

If you’re ready to shop for your little performer, take a look at our favorite picks!

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