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Online karaoke for those of us who like to sing
Sing with more than 120,000 karaoke songs, with Sing and Record mode, or Karaoke Party mode.

Free KARAOKE Online Songs
Get ready to sing karaoke songs online. Here you will find videos of karaokes compiled from YouTube ordered by genres and artists so you can sing free karaoke in Spanish and English. In Cantaokey you will be able to see 2 videos from the same player of each song:

Video Karaoke (Musical track without voice and lyrics)
Video and lyrics (Musical track with voice and lyrics)
We will be adding more songs in karaoke version to the site to expand the repertoire of the web when singing karaoke online for free. Enjoy CantaOkey! your home karaoke without registration you expected.
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Karaoke Online – Karaoke Free in Spanish – Video Karaoke

SingShot is another online karaoke that enters the market to compete with kSolo. Users can choose their favorite song from a long repertoire where they can choose the genre and take out the song with which to perform their, ahem, song ?.

Well, yes, you take the microphone and you start to follow the coloring of the text while recording the fragment of the song, although the negative part is that your recordings will be valued and commented by the rest of users and, to top it off, add it as a favorite in your accounts, maybe to laugh, who knows.

And is that SingShot, where we can test for two weeks free, aims to be a social network, Youtube style, where users hang their recordings, which can be rated, commented and added as favorites by other users. The users in general will be able to see the recordings of the others and make their own on some of the songs available in their music library, add to favorites not only the recordings made by other users but also members and songs, have their own fans and receive messages from other users.

The recordings that are available will also have their own code so they can be added to other websites, and thus make the singer ridiculous.

Well, the truth is that with the great nights you do on the street, nothing better than having your computer, whatever the platform, as it is not limited to a specific system such as kSolo, and you sit on a summer terrace and you start singing … until the neighbors throw you a bucket of water if you do it wrong or do not let them sleep.


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