What is karaoke

Brief review of Karaoke.

Karaoke is a form of entertainment in which a person performs a music with a pre-recorded accompaniment as a base that can be played by various devices or karaoke equipment.
This team accompanies the music with the lyrics in the corresponding times through a television or monitor.
This great form of entertainment is native to Japan and has reached all over the world. The word Karaoke means in Japanese “orchestra without singer”. The typical places where it is customary to have fun in this way are bars, restaurants, clubs or family parties where the people perform popular songs.

This site helps to turn your computer into a real Karaoke team so you can enjoy all this in your own home and with your friends.

What is MIDI?

Midi stands for: Musical Instrument Digital Interface. It is a standard used by various electronic musical instruments (such as keyboards, synthesizers, computer sound cards, etc.) to communicate with each other.

MIDI in a large percentage is used to connect a computer to a musical instrument and thus be able to run what was created by the instrument on the computer.

The information of this music is stored in a MIDI file.

What is a MIDI Karaoke?

The music information housed in the MIDI file is used to make the musical basis of the song to be performed. While at the same time the letter is displayed in the corresponding time on the computer monitor, which is housed in a channel in the same MIDI Karaoke file.

The programs that use MIDI KARAOKE, play the music in MIDI format and show the lyrics on the screen.

Who creates the MIDI files Karaoke?

These songs can be created by a program and anyone who has basic knowledge of music can create their own MIDI Karaoke.

From the music of an interpreter or professional music, the MIDI file is created and the lyrics of the song are placed in the corresponding time.

Why are there different types of MIDI Karaoke files?

In the beginning there was only one format: .kar. This format was designed by Tune 1000 Corp. But this format was abandoned by the company and prevailed as a free and public domain use format.
At this moment there are several applications that generate this type of format and it is the most used and the most supported in the whole world.
In addition to the .kar there are other formats:
.mid + .txk – KaraDos. This is a combination of two files. The first is a simple MIDI file that contains the music. The second is a text file that contains the letter. This format is used by the KaraDOS .CRT – Soft Concert program. This format was created by Tune 1000’s Soft Concert program and is not compatible with any other program.
.ST3 – Star 3. This format is used by Star3 karaoke software and some other compatible ones. The fundamental difference is that it uses a compression method to make the files smaller.

Only the .kar formats are used in this site.

Where do the karaoke files found on this page come from?

The files published on this page are created by several people on the Internet.

Many use the musical sequences or the bases made with MIDI instruments and then place their lyrics and create their own karaoke files.


The word “Karaoke” is formed by two Japanese words together. “Kara” comes from the “karappo” which means emptiness. “Oke” has been shortened from “okesutura” which means to orchestra. So, Karaoke means “empty orchestra”. ORIGINS This incredibly popular entertainment was born some 30 years ago, in the city of Kobe, one of the three largest cities of Kansai (Japan).
However, another opinion holds that Karaoke predates the 70s that began on an American television Show. According to this version the Karaoke would go back to the 50s and 60s, where the spectators sang following a ball on the text on their televisions.
Apparently it was after this that the Japanese turned it into a form of entertainment called “Karaoke”. During the first two decades this popular fun did not leave Japan. Later he would reach the rest of the world.


Karaoke is a form of distraction typical of Japanese business people, they use it to get rid of stress. They drop in a bar with colleagues after work, drink a drink, and enjoy singing folk songs. The idea is to share a drink and a song among friends and relax. CURIOSITIES. THE “KARAOKE BOX” With the evolution of the karaokes an obstacle arose in the business, most of the Japanese houses were built of wood, with a poor soundproofing, so it was very annoying for the neighbors to sing at night with a microphone.
Although the karaoke was at first basically for the executives, it has become a national entertainment, thanks to the technological development and a new business called the “karaoke box”.
These are acoustically isolated rooms, closed with a door, which are usually on the edges of roads and roads where they can sing. They are advertised as a place where you can sing to the volume of your heart. The first “karaoke box” appeared in 1984 in a rice field of Okayama Prefecture, in the eastern area of ​​Kansai. It was built by converting a cargo car. Since then, “karaoke box” has been built in the unoccupied lands of Japan, and in urban areas, in the latter the “karaoke box” are divided and soundproof rooms in the buildings. Currently there are more than 100,000 “karaoke boxes” in Japan.


Let’s admit that we all like to sing. We sing in the car, in the shower and while we cook, but there is nothing like the feeling of getting up, grabbing the microphone and knowing that every look in the room is directed towards YOU!
Karaoke is always a “hit” in bars, restaurants, hotels, houses and even weddings!
Wherever friends and family can have a good time, there will be fun and enthusiasm to decant.