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Karaoke Party

With the start of the new television course, those programs that test a series of would-be singers will return to the grills of some television networks. But if you want more information about these programs, our Vaya Tele partners will already keep you informed. If instead, you want to test your skills as singers, you just have to plug in a microphone to your computers, register in Karaoke Party, and practice with some of the topics they have.

You have several ways to access its wide range of musical themes, from a list that can be sorted by popularity to artist, genre, search, and if you do not find this musical theme you so much want, you can request to be added soon . Each musical theme has its own record, including in it the music video, obtained from YouTube, to the letter of it. Also, you can leave your comments.

Now you just have to select any musical theme, indicating the background music, either vocal or instrumental, set your microphones and start singing according to the rhythm that you mark on the screen, which can be full screen, similar to a popular game of Karaoke of a popular video game console. And like this, depending on the level you have, you will receive a score that will be recorded on our personal page, from which other users can leave your comments, we will send private messages and ask you to enter their contact networks.

An interesting option to spend the weekend among friends.

Red Karaoke, the Spanish startup that makes more than 5 million people sing, has returned to the fray with a new application. The company directed by Miguel Díaz Ferreira has just launched Karaoke Party, a tool that uses the phone as a microphone, connects to television and allows private karaoke parties to be held at home.

Unlike the main Red Karaoke app, this new software does not have the possibility to record the audios and share them with other users, it simply allows you to choose a song and sing your lyrics by reading it on TV. The company has wanted to make a software with this objective to make things easier for those who just want to enjoy a moment of laughter and gorgoritos with friends. However, after singing the songs it is possible to get points with the applause of the ‘public’ and compete with friends to see the interpretation that you liked the most. Another interesting feature is that you can add effects to improve the voice.

Karaoke Party is compatible with Apple TV, ChromeCast, Amazon Fire TV, Bluetooth devices and any external speaker or sound equipment with the minijack port.

Karaoke Party is available now for iOS and soon an Android version will be released. The tool can be found in nine different languages: Spanish, English, Portuguese, French, German, Japanese, Chinese, Indonesian and Vietnamese.

The application allows access to 30.00 selected songs from YouTube in its free version. There is also another payment or VIP that has a catalog of 60,000 topics and does not include advertising. The subscription is for $ 2.99 per week, $ 7.99 per month or $ 39.99 if it is contracted annually.


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